How Is Butt Aesthetics Performed?

The concept of beauty is a relative situation that varies from person to person. Today, where body shaping gains importance day by day, many different aesthetic surgeries are preferred compared to the past. In this respect, one of the aesthetic operations frequently preferred by women is the buttock aesthetic surgery.
During the operation, butt lift correction and stretching processes are applied at the same time. Thus, a shaped and rounded butt appearance is obtained.


Who Is Butt Aesthetics Performed?

Losing the flexible structure of the body with weight gain and aging causes sagging and flattening in the butt area. In particular, the disproportionate body lines and the indeterminate size of the butt give an aesthetically bad appearance. This causes a lack of self-confidence in women.
For women with flat buttocks who are not satisfied with their hip structure, the effective way to achieve a voluminous, rounded and upturned buttock appearance that is compatible with their body lines is the buttock aesthetic surgery.

What are the Buttock Aesthetic Surgery Methods?

Today, there are different surgical methods used in hip aesthetics.
It has relaxed and let go, its volume is lost; In the operation called the flattened butt and lateral thigh lift, the skin is removed from both the waist and the upper part of the basin. In this way, the butt rises and gains a distinctive structure. However, the most important feature of this procedure is that the skin is removed and suspended, and naturally, long surgical scars are inevitable, as in tummy tuck.
Another important technique used in hip aesthetics is silicone prostheses. The patient is anesthetized with general anesthesia and proceeding through the incision made between the buttocks, the silicone placed between the muscle fibers on both buttocks is placed.
During the buttock aesthetic surgery, adipose tissue taken from the person's own body can also be added at the request of the patient. Especially during the liposuction process, the excess fat tissue taken from the person is transferred to the buttocks and to the spaces on the sides of the butt. Fat injection used for hip aesthetics is advantageous in terms of giving a natural appearance.

Type of Anesthesia

It is performed under general anaesthesia.

Things to consider before surgery;

As in all surgeries in general, blood thinners should be avoided, smoking and alcohol use should be avoided as much as possible before butt lift surgery.

Points to be considered after the surgery;

The points to be considered after the surgery vary according to the method applied. If a prosthesis is used or fat injection is applied with liposuction method, a medical corset should be worn after the operation.
Patients using prostheses should lie face down and be careful while sitting and standing. In addition, if a buttock prosthesis was used in the operation, the patient should never have an injection from the hip.