Breast lift is the surgery to correct the sagging of the breast due to gravity and deformations. With the effect of gravity, frequent weight gain, birth, breastfeeding, aging, use of wrong bra, the appearance of the breast deteriorates and sagging begins.


In people whose weight balance is stabilized after bariatric surgery
In women with sagging breasts and loss of volume
In women whose breast tissue falls under the breast fold area if it is not supported by a bra
It may be suitable for breast lift operation in patients with one breast that appears lower and drooping than the other.


Medical history and examination are important before deciding on surgery. In addition, the patient's expectations should be noted well in this interview and planning should be done accordingly. In patients with suitable existing breast structure, recovery alone can be achieved, as well as in patients with high volume loss, a prosthesis should be added.


⦁ Breast ultrasonography is requested in patients under 40 years of age, and mammography examinations are requested in patients over 40 years of age.
⦁ Blood thinners are discontinued one week before the operation. (Do not stop the medication you use continuously without consulting your doctor.)
⦁ It is recommended not to use cigarettes before or after surgery.
⦁ When coming to the hospital on the day of the operation, wear comfortable clothes and leave your jewelry at home.
⦁ Nothing should be eaten or drunk 8 hours before the operation.


It is usually comfortable after the operation. If a breast prosthesis is used during the operation, there may be limited arm movements for a few days. A special sports bra is put on the patient. There may be swelling in the early period, numbness of the nipple and pinkish discoloration on the skin. These disappear on their own in a short time. Depending on your job, you can return to your normal job in 3-4 days. It is recommended to stay away from heavy sports for 3 months. The newly shaped breast is durable for a long time. Aesthetic breast lift operation is a surgery that gives good and permanent results in general.