What is face lift-renewal surgery?

Facelift (rhytidectomy) is a surgical method for removing facial sagging due to aging and wrinkles by stretching and hanging. However, in recent years, all interventions related to facial aging have begun to be referred to as facial rejuvenation (facial rejuvenation).

İnsan yaşlandıkça, yılların, güneş ışınlarının, günlük streslerin ve diğer etkenlerin (sigara, içki, kötü beslenme) etkisiyle yüz derisi sarkar, kırışır, üzerinde çeşitli lekeler ve düzensizlikler oluşur. Yaşlı bir yüzde; alın çizgileri belirginleşmiş, kaşlar düşmüş, göz kapakları sarkmış, göz altlarında torbalanmalar ve çizgiler oluşmuş, ağız – burun bölgesinde derin çizgiler oluşmuş, yanak sarkmış, çene konturları kaybolmuş, boyun yağlanmış ve deri perdeleri oluşmuş bir görüntü vardır. Deri canlılığını kaybetmiş, üzerinde güneş lekeleri ve diğer benler belirmiş, incelmiş ve kırışmıştır.

One of the Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery surgeries, face lift surgery is also called "face lift" or "rhytidectomy" with English idioms. With face lift-renewal surgeries, sagging and irregularities in the forehead, face and neck skin are eliminated; Excess fat tissue on the cheek and neck is removed, facial fascia and fat tissues are pulled and hung in their anatomical places, facial tissues are reinforced, eyelids are corrected and other complementary interventions can be performed (such as skin peeling, filling and botox).

Who are the best applicants for this surgery?

The ideal candidates for facelift surgery are those whose face and neck skin has begun to sag, but whose skin has not yet lost its elasticity, and who have no other health problems. This surgery is usually applied to men and women over the age of 40. However, due to structural and genetic reasons, this type of surgery can be performed in full or in a limited manner at earlier ages. During facelift surgery, nose and eyelid aesthetics, forehead correction, eyebrow lifting operations can also be added to make the face look more beautiful and younger. Injection of fillers (oil, hyaluronic acid, etc.) or peeling (mechanical, chemical, laser) for fine wrinkles and botox for wrinkles can be done.

Before Surgery

When you have a problem with facial aging and sagging and are considering surgery, first discuss with yourself what you want and why, and then consult a plastic surgeon. Tell your doctor about your wishes and expectations one by one and discuss them with him. If you are a smoker, definitely quit 10 days before the surgery. Inform your doctor about your sunbathing and skin care habits, and do not forget to ask what you need to do after the surgery in order for the surgery to give a more permanent result. Discuss the issue with your doctor several times if necessary.


  • Pain relievers are given.
  • It is recommended to walk upright and not look down.
  • Do not use alcohol, cigarettes or vitamin E for at least 1 more week.
  • Avoid heavy exercise, sexual activity, heavy lifting for 2 weeks.
  • Do not drive for 1 week, do not travel by plane.
  • Do not go to the dentist for 6 weeks.
  • Protect from sunlight for at least 2 months.
  • You can wash 2 days after the operation.

When Are the Results in Face Lift Surgery?

Edema and bleeding may occur in the early postoperative period. Asymmetry may be noticeable. However, all these complaints can be noticed in the first week. These will usually resolve within the first week. The time to wait for the face to settle and take its final form is approximately 3-6 months.