Leg aesthetics has a special meaning for women. One of the indicators of femininity is to have legs that look long, straight, proportionate and smooth. With the developing and advancing technology in the world, aesthetic touches can be made on the parts of the legs that women feel uncomfortable with.

Who is Suitable for Leg Aesthetics?

In leg aesthetics, the part from the hip to the ankle is expected to be smooth, smooth, thin and symmetrical in form. In leg aesthetics, the structure of the person's legs is fundamentally important. Every woman's bodily features and leg features are different from each other. People with regional thickness or thinness problems that do not prevent surgery are candidates for these procedures.

How is leg aesthetics done?

There are many methods for the aesthetics and symmetry of the legs to be the same, for smooth-lined legs that appear in shape. In cases where leg asymmetries, leg deformities, and extra-thin legs are seen, the symmetry disorder in the legs can be eliminated by fat injection. In the fat injection process, the fat taken from the waist, abdomen, hip or hip region of the person is applied to the asymmetry area on the legs and leg deformities can be eliminated in this way. In this process, which is performed to make the two legs look equal and the inner leg line to be straight, the stem cell-enriched adipose tissue is transferred. In this way, fullness is provided in the legs, the tissue can nourish itself and its permanence continues for a long time. In this method, which does not carry any risk since the person's own fat is used, there is some loss in the transferred oils after the transfer of the person's own fat. However, stem cell-rich fat cells give sufficient fullness and correct curvatures and asymmetries.
In some patients, excessive sagging of the leg skin may occur as a result of gaining and losing too much weight. In these cases, stretching surgeries can be added.

Thick leg aesthetics

The compatibility of the legs with aesthetics and body measurements is an important indicator of beauty in the female body. Leg aesthetics should be done with good thought. Thick bone structure, developed muscles or excess fat tissue are important factors among the causes of thick legs. In general, thick legs due to excess adipose tissue are common. In these cases, laser/vaser liposuction is performed, including ankle and below-knee thicknesses. In leg thicknesses depending on the muscle structure, there is the possibility of intervention with botox or surgically.

Garbage leg aesthetics

Litter legs can be bilateral as well as unilateral due to some diseases. By placing silicone prosthesis and fat on extremely thin legs, thicker and aesthetic results are obtained under the knee.

Knee Cap Aesthetics

Since the knee circumference is at the transition point, the analysis of this region is important in order to provide an aesthetic visual integrity. Lubrication in the inner region of the knee distorts the silhouette of the leg, causing the leg to appear shorter and aesthetically unfavorable. When the skirt is worn, the visual appearance of this region becomes more prominent. In knee aesthetics, the excess in the inner region is removed. Fat injections are applied to the collapses, and a visual whole form is achieved with the leg.

What should I pay attention to before the operation?

As with all aesthetic surgeries, he should quit smoking at least 3 weeks before this surgery, as it will affect wound healing problems and aesthetic results. Likewise, because it causes problems such as bleeding, it is necessary to stay away from drugs and similar substances that can dilute the blood in the last 1 week. Basic systemic diseases should also be under control before surgery.

Is anesthesia required in leg aesthetic surgeries?

Leg aesthetic surgeries are performed in the operating room environment and, depending on the procedure, under general anesthesia or under sedation (sedation).

How long does leg aesthetic surgery take?

Leg aesthetic surgeries take between 1-4 hours, depending on the procedures performed.