Loosening, fluctuations and irregularities on the inside of the legs are a problem that bothers women. Loss of weight, lack of exercise and aging accelerates the relaxation of the inner legs. It is a plastic surgery operation that is safely applied to patients with these problems.

What is Thigh Lift?

Thigh Lift is the removal of skin abundance and fat on the upper and inner sides of the thighs.

Who is Thigh Lift Surgery Applied to?


How are Thigh Lift surgeries performed?

Depending on the degree of skin abundance, it can be only in the groin area, or a tissue removal can be added in the inner part of the thigh, such as a strip. Vaser/Laser Lipo procedures, which routinely become a part of the surgery, also contribute to tightening.

Anesthesia: This surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia. .


What should be considered before and after the operation?

In Thigh Lift surgery, as in all surgeries, it is necessary to stop aspirin and smoking 3 weeks beforehand. In the last 1 week, drugs and similar substances that can dilute the blood should be avoided.

Cutting of herbal products such as green tea should be stopped 7 days before.